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The Akron Art Museum shows current pieces, including pop craftsmanship and photographs, in a 1899 working with a sensational glass and steel expansion. Toward the north, Hale Farm and Village offers a look at life in the nineteenth century, with 32 reestablished structures, in addition to patio nurseries and ranch creatures.

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The City of Akron Citizens Institute is a free, 10-week experience in which a group of approximately 25 Akron residents will meet in the evenings, once a week, to engage with City departments and leaders.
My vision for participants is to: learn more about available city programs and services; gain an in-depth understanding of our charter form of government; and learn more about processes which help our city provide the best customer service to our residents.
This City works hard for its residents every single day. I believe the Citizens Institute will help establish better communication and transparency between City government and citizens.
Upon completion of the program, my hope is for our 25 participants to become active, positive ambassadors of our City who could potentially serve as members of a city speaker’s bureau, community volunteers, or as commission committee members to the Office of the Mayor.

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